The NSC Professional Truck Driver Defensive Driving Course

Driver Safety Training is the Best Safety Device for Your Fleet!

Your organization’s first incident is too late.

NSC Professional Truck Driver training can quickly return its low cost by minimizing liability exposure, risk and the financial impact when a traffic-related situation involves a legal judgement.
Through the use of this dynamic course, CDL Safety School’s certified instructors will provide the knowledge and defensive driving strategies to help your drivers remain incident and citation-free by focusing on collision prevention through hazard recognition and crash avoidance techniques.

  • New employee orientation

  • Post incident training

  • Annual refresher training

NSC Professional Truck Driver training helps turn both novice and experienced professional truck drivers into effective safety leaders.

Throughout the 4 to 5 hour course, participants learn how to recognize both potential and immediate hazards, how to avoid collisions in a variety of driving conditions, and how to choose safe and legal driving behaviors. The course addresses multiple defensive driving concepts and strategies. Participants are engaged through group activities, discussions and self-awareness oriented instruments that relate to their driving behaviors. Each participant will receive a 48 page Course Guide that will serve as a continued reminder of the topics covered. Content covered includes:

  • How driver fatigue/stress affects operating a large truck

  • Proper vehicle maintenance and inspection

  • Steps for completing a Moral Responsibility Checklist

  • How to deal with changing driving condition and hazards

  • Identify physical/mental driver conditions that affect driving performance

  • Identifying blind spots, safe following/stopping distances, lane management and backing safely

  • Explain and demonstrate the three-step DDC Collision Prevention Formula

Each participant will receive a numbered Certificate of Completion from the National Safety Council and CDL Safety School.

1-4 Personnel: $75 each plus $15 each for Books & Certificates (not eligible for on-site training)

5-9 Personnel: $60 each plus $15 each for Books & Certificates (on-site training fee of $100)

10+ Personnel: $500 flat fee plus $15 each for Books & Certificates (on-site training fee waived)

Costs above pertain to the 3 hour course; however, there is no extra charge for the 4 hour course. All costs are due the day of training.

We supply the computer, printer (for on-site printing of certificates), projector and all registration materials. All that is needed is a good-sized room with a blank wall where we can project a digital image / video.

This course is offered on-site or off-site / 4-5 hour course / 48 page Course Guide included
Numbered Certificate / May be customized for your company / Course fee due date of training

Click here for the NSC PTD DDC 5th Edition Brochure

Please call, email or come by so that we can explain to you how affordable and important this course can be to your transportation organization. This course can be taught on-site at your facility or at our facility in Morrison, CO.

“This course was well worth the time. The instructor was very patient.

— Porfirio C, Brighton, CO

“The thing I enjoyed most was talking with the instructor.

— Gerald B, Dacono. CO

“The one thing I enjoyed most were the videos.

— Brian K, Commerce City, CO

“Very informative.

— Ray C, Denver, CO